Rolanda Wilkins as a founder of Earth Mama Healing

Rolanda Wilkins is an innovative program administrator, a global community organizer, and a traditional ceremonial leader.

For over 25 years, she has focused on youth development and leadership, international health and wellness, outreach, resource identification, communication, and media productions in the field of adolescent and young woman health and wellness. Among other locations, she has worked in the United States, Canada, Ghana, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, and South Africa.

She was also named Woman of the Year for the state of California in 2008. She was also honored with the 2009 Luminary Award by the Sacramento chapter of the National Association of Business Women Owners.

In addition, she was recognized as a 2009 Hero of Human Services Resolution by the Sacramento Board of Supervisors and earned the Sisterhood Agenda Award from Sisterhood Magazine.

She has founded Earth Mama Healing, a youth empowerment program, and has made it its mission to assist young adults in dealing with life's challenges and becoming effective members of society.

Wilkins is also promoting two books called The Spirit of Grandma's Hands and Men of Honor.

These books honor both women and men in the African American Community.

"I recall being surrounded by strong, loving, and caring individuals since I was born in 1971. However, there was one who truly stood out. My late uncle Stanley Earl Newman, my late adored mother Mae's eldest brother, personified a "Man of Honor" in my family," Rolanda says.

"He shaped me and kept me connected to my ancestors, letting me know that I must remember and keep our great legacy alive," she added.

Rolanda encourages young men to follow in the footsteps of the community's great men.

"Tell your family, tell your friends. Bring young men in the community so they can talk to these elders, touch them and see them because those young men are a reflection of them," Rolanda says.

Rolanda also pays tribute to the community's elders, who have paved the way for everyone to have a peaceful encouraging life.

"The Black/African American/American Descendants Of Slavery group has had a spirit guide them since the beginning of our journey in this nation. It has a calm demeanor. Gentle and old-fashioned. 'Grandma's Hands' is the name for a holy, feminine spirit," Rolanda says.

"Everyday women, such as community moms, teachers, homemakers, principals, yard duty staff, teacher's assistants, women at the bus stop, every day laborers, and so on, are manifestations of the divine spirit," she added.

For over ten years, they have honored Grandma's Hands honorees to show their appreciation for all women in the community.

Rolanda A. Wilkins
Earth Mama Healing