Yuri Galeev’s CONSTRUCTO is reconfiguring the residential remodeling and construction industry

As lumber and other building material costs soar, so are homeowners' demands for remodeling. For a long time, getting the plans and permits for a construction or remodeling job was nearly as painful as finding a reputable contractor. Yuri Galeev, founder and CEO of CONSTRUCTO, believes it doesn't have to be this way.

"At CONSTRUCTO, we make the preconstruction process simple, seamless, and satisfactory for every client. Getting a permit should not unreasonably delay a home-building or renovation project that meets all design, legal and safety guidelines," says Galeev.

CONSTRUCTO wants to empower people and help them not only with the architectural design and technical parts of their project but also with the essential permitting paperwork.

"We work hard to provide our clients with a full suite of architectural and structural design services. Our unique combination of proprietary software and local expertise is a key in delivering the online design and permitting services on time and on budget," added Galeev.

CONSTRUCTO is renowned for its comprehensive building design, flat-rate pricing and streamlined permitting. They are established with the goal of helping clients get into their new space faster and more easily than ever before.

"Our approach quickly gained interest of many general contractors across the state and we already work with 38 well-known contractors and this number is growing daily," explains Galeev.

This last year, the firm achieved a huge milestone with a reported 695 percent growth in 2021 with an average of 37 percent monthly.

"We have proved we can scale our business — from one city at the start to the entire state of California today. Now it's time to make our services available nationwide."

CONSTRUCTO is well known for its efficient and supportive team, who are experts in their field and can always be counted on for valuable advice and attentive, personal service.

"I needed a detailed project done in a hurry and they delivered big time. I had plenty of client-driven revisions that the team handled without problem. It is a pleasure to find professionals who deliver on time and under budget," says one satisfied client.

Yuri Galeev intends to grow CONSTRUCTO's presence in other states in 2022, and they are actively considering new markets for expansion.

CONSTRUCTO is a team of experienced architectural and construction managers and software engineers, combined together by a common mission - to make the preconstruction and permitting process more affordable and effective.

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