Solo Jaxon Drops New ‘GodBody’ EP

Guin Records/The He[A]rd's Solo Jaxon has finally released his excellent EP GODBODY. After much anticipation, the "Winners And Bosses" rapper will release his 6-song EP on SONY Orchard. Despite his status as an underdog, Solo is now receiving the same level of attention as the other industry heavyweights. The fast-rising MC has garnered significant editorial playlist support from Apple Music for his Sylvan Lacue-assisted smash "JUNGLE." The Idle Kid-produced song can be found on Apple Music's New In Hip-Hop and BARS playlists.

Solo Jaxon doesn't waste any time with his new full-length album, which clocks in at just under 14 minutes. In an age when there are so many distractions, Solo is tactful, and he wants to make the most of the time people spend streaming his music. This attitude matches the album's title perfectly. All of Solo's fans are encouraged to connect with their genuine selves. As a result, everything you consume is of the highest possible quality. His music is no different. The album is chock-full of Grade-A raps, with songs like "GOOD" and "JUNGLE" standing out.

Solo Jaxon is a 23-year-old lyricist from Little Rock, Arkansas. His sound is aggressive, raw, and honest. Working on his first project, some of Solo’s most notable works are “Keep Up”, “No Reason (feat. Goon des Garcons)”, and most recently “I’m Not Okay” all produced by Idle Kid. 

It's evident that Solo Jaxon is putting Arkansas on the map, especially with his smooth flow and his flawless delivery. This artist rhymes lyrics that are highly metaphorical, especially about going through the dark in order to get light, leaving a great impact on us. On "Winners and Bosses," Solo Jaxon shows us what it's like to depict victory through clever wordplay and triumphant sounds. The energetic visual perfectly demonstrates a parallel to the lyrics, as we watch him win through all the struggles and obstacles, motivating everyone listening. The heavy bass and chimes make for the perfect background to activate our manifestation. This is the perfect track for an NBA game. Press play whenever you need an adrenaline rush and stay tuned for more heat from Solo Jaxon.

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