Predominant Studios in helping independent artists

The worldwide music recording business continues to rise. Recorded music income increased in 2015, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), following nearly two decades of piracy-driven reductions.

The worldwide industry's sales peaked at $14 billion in 2014 but have since grown to $20 billion in 2019, matching 2004 levels.

Predominant Studios, a record label company and independent label conceptualized by Jacqueline Best is set to be part of the industry. Fair contracts, music consultancy, and career coaching are among the raft of services they provide to musicians.

The company's goal is to help all independent artists in the industry.

Various artists are approaching the company to either sign them or assist them to manage their deals with other independent labels. Predominant has now signed 17 music recording artists and 45 independent artists, with many more on the way.

"We have many artists, big and small, reaching out to us to inquire about our business processes, to either sign them, help them navigate their contracts with other indie labels, and even help to renegotiate larger label contracts," Best said.

Recently, Predominant has signed Chris "The Glove" Taylor, a pioneering multi-platinum producer, as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Taylor has collaborated with prominent industry figures and LA musicians.

He was also a Music Coordinator, Programmer, and Assistant Composer for the series American Soul, Played By Fame, Tiny & Toya, The Parkers, Frankie & Neffie, and Monica‘s Still Standing, with song placements.

"I'm very excited to be a part of the PREDOMINANT STUDIOS family, and can't wait to bring our new music and art to the Metaverse," according to Taylor.

Taylor will join Predominant as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), assisting them in achieving its objective of becoming a preeminent label in the music industry.

Predominant Studios will continue to make it bigger in the industry. They are also planning to turn into a full NFT label.

"Our goals are well known and respected within the music industry. Our goals are big, to be considered eventually as a major label. We will continue to do what we do best, and that is to bring fairness to artists globally. We will also be turning into a full NFT label in the coming weeks."

About Predominant Studios
Predominant Studios Inc is Canada's newest independent music label, now defined as a Global Music Group. They are dedicated to their artists and partners, bringing back some of the old into the new generation of music.

Jacqueline Best
Predominant Studios