Predominant Studios’ CEO Jacqueline Best is said to be the next up and coming music mogul

Fuelled by her burning passion for music, Predominant Studios' CEO, Jacqueline Best, has been forging a career in the industry since her youth. From a young age, she was a vocalist who enjoyed playing clarinet and various percussion instruments, but poor health, unfortunately, prevented her from pursuing her ambition to become a singer.

Her talent and passion for music still propelled her to pursue a career in the business, and she consequently founded Predominant Studios; a record-label firm, to help musicians follow their dreams.

She launched Predominant last year and since then, her company has gained more artists, growing its roster by 85% in just a year.

Her company has been assisting talented musicians through creating fair contracts, music business consultations, and career coaching.

They have also signed 17 artists and serviced 45 independent artists expecting many more to come.

Their artists have also been featured in All hip-hop, Rap castle, American Reporter and California Herold.

"We have many artists, big and small, reaching out to us to inquire about our business processes, to either sign them, help them navigate their contracts with other indie labels, and even help to renegotiate larger label contracts," Best said.

"We have been said to be influencing the way artists are signed and trend-setting for other labels to follow. The company has grown so fast, particularly in the last 3 months, that we are still gathering all our data and won't have numbers for a while yet," Best added.

Harrison Mresq, known by his stage persona Mr. Esq, is one of the performers they've signed. Through mentorship and coaching, the organization has aided him in improving his voice talents by not only exploring his hip-hop roots but also experimenting with other genres that suit his voice, such as R&B and Pop/Country.

And now Mr. ESQ is set to debut his first single with iconic Canadian rapper Mad Child, with much anticipation from the fans.

Aside from this, Predominant has also signed as a partner and CEO the pioneering multi-platinum producer, Chris "The Glove" Taylor into the company as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Taylor has worked with big artists such as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Best said that she and Predominant Studios will continue to make it bigger in the industry. They are also planning to turn into a full NFT label.

"Our goals are well known and respected within the music industry. Our goals are big, to be considered eventually as a major label. We will continue to do what we do best, and that is to bring fairness to artists globally. We will also be turning into a full NFT label in the coming weeks."

Best's journey has not been simple. In addition to running a production company, she is also parenting her five children on her own, and yet, despite a load of her responsibilities, Best manages to thrive in the balancing act and never allows anything to deter her from making Predominant the success that it is.

Best is unafraid to recognize that, like many other artists, she began at the bottom. As a result, whenever she has the opportunity, she communicates her thanks to everyone who was part of the process and consequently wants to offer others that follow her the same opportunities.

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