OrgVision’s HealthView Division: Offering a Complete Suite of COVID Management Products for Businesses

With the recent resurgence of COVID cases, businesses are making sure they are prepared to take on the challenges brought on by the pandemic a little better than they did the first time. Companies are dedicated to not only keep their customers safe, but also their employees.

Organisations are more committed than ever to find a unified way to monitor employees, visitors, students, around virus and health safety. That is why OrgVision has delivered a suite of COVID management solutions that will solve the automation and implementation challenges for businesses large and small, as well as to education and state entities.

“Our goal is to provide a safe work environment for employees and enable management to observe their general health and engagement levels,” said the OrgVision team.

OrgVision’s HealthView division offers a fully integrated, cloud-hosted suite of products and services that includes automated employee health screening, vaccine and lab result tracking, and MeetSafe, a platform that offers face-to-face, in-person meetings in a safe environment. 

They recently helped a large multinational manufacturing company to gain visibility on the vaccine status and general health of their employees. They were trying to manage everything manually until it became a significant burden for management.

Their health screening system was very manual,” the team said. “It caused multiple challenges when making sure symptomatic employees were not coming to work, that all employees were participating, and that the right people were notified when an employee had symptoms.”

In summary, the company was exposed from a general health and compliance point of view. With the help of OrgVision, the entire process of protecting employees became completely automated, from the case reporting, vaccine management to the automated health attestation process. The time put into these processes was immensely lessened from more than 20 hours per week to just one.

Every organisation has its distinct needs and with OrgVision’s HealthView division, they can adapt to different configuration requirements. The goal is to continue being the leader in supplying cloud-based employee health and COVID management solutions.

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