The Non-fungible token (NFT) industry has spiked revenues of more than $17 billion in 2021 according to

NFTs are tradable assets that maintain track of who owns a digital object on the blockchain, such as a work of art or a video game character, and since its launch, it has made a significant impact on the public consciousness, with celebrities and prominent corporations gradually gravitating to the concept.

Almost anyone can create an NFT, but monetizing them is not as easy as it looks.

NFT Labz, a platform that specializes in NFT white label project creation and incubation, provides comprehensive NFT packages and collections, as well as continuing community management, to assist influencers to monetize their audience or following.

The company creates fully operational minting sites.

One of the things that set NFT Labz apart from other white label project creators is its capacity to provide small collections, allowing new passionate entrepreneurs to test the market at a reasonable cost while the company handles all of the heavy work.

Some of NFT labz project features are:

  • Logo creation
  • Sales website
  • Flip video artwork
  • Solidity smart contract
  • Secondary marketplace integration
  • Deployment of a contract to the blockchain

Since February, NFT Labz has completed two projects and is now working on a number of high-profile initiatives backed by regulated venture capital firms.

"From our previous networking in this industry over the years we are currently on very good terms with many of the leading clothing, worldwide Logistics And certainly household recognizable names, that we aim to be able to name soon as projects progress And take their natural course as we move forward with NFTs," NFT labz said.

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