Most listened-to podcasts

The podcast has taken over the post-serial audio world, and a lot of creators have shifted to podcasts and are doing regular shows.

Many are high quality but others can be hit and miss. To help you out, here is a list of compelling podcast recommendations based on ratings:

Parc It In My Ferme

With more than 40,000 downloads, it is clear that Chris Caldicott (or Caldi to his friends) knows how to blend comedy with motorsport. Parc It In My Ferme is a Formula 1 podcast that covers all things F1 - news, opinions, love triangles, and more. If it's happened in F1, Caldi and his friends will be taking the piss out of it.

Caldicott has been a F1 fan since 1990, watching every race and attending more than a dozen Grands Prix. He is as good an armchair expert as anyone.

The Parc It In My Ferme commentary has been a huge hit, even to non-petrol heads. This comedy Formula podcast is a sure entertainment for anyone.

Joe Rogan Experience

Controversial and engaging, The Joe Rogan Experience was the most popular podcast in the US in 2020. After moving to Spotify, Joe is ranked at the top on the streaming platform. The Joe Rogan Experience runs between two and three hours.

Call Her Daddy

This provocative feminist podcast discusses topics such as freedom, empowerment, sexuality, prejudices, and stereotypes. Call Her Daddy features celebrities as well as comedians.

Crime Junkie

Listeners who love crime investigations love Crime Junkie. Ashley Flowers' weekly true-crime podcast is always fascinating and often disturbing.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Journalist and author Elizabeth Day has made a career out of failure. Warm, positive, and reassuring, Elizabeth uses failure as a perspective through which to view success; not to focus on misfortune, but to learn from it. Her guests include authors, politicians, and actors who discuss high-profile moments in their lives, and what went wrong for them.

The Daily

The Daily is the podcast version of the New York Times' radio program of the same name - the latest news delivered by some of the best journalists and anchors in the world.

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