Five great podcasts you must check out

Comedy, drama, news, documentaries, real-life, sport. Podcasts are now the go-to listening platform. Whether you are working out or just chilling, podcasts are the new radio.

While anyone with a mic, recorder and a hard drive can create a podcast, the best of the genre make the most of the digital potential.

Great podcasts feature interesting voices and well-thought-out topics. Great podcasters have a talent for storytelling or fill their airtime with fascinating topics or whip-smart comedy.

If you want to laugh, gasp or scratch your head in amazement, here are five awesome, ear-worthy podcasts:

Parc It In My Ferme

Chris Caldicott or "Caldi" knows how to put entertainment into motorsport. Caldi puts in a lot of effort to entertain his listeners and his hilarious take on Formula1 racing will have you laughing from start to finish.

Caldicott covers all things F1 - the news, discussions, opinions, love triangles, and more. If it happens in F1, Caldi and his friends will take the piss out of it.

Check out their website to listen to their episodes and get other exclusive content.

Stuff You Should Know

SYSK covers a wide range of topics. Every episode sparks new interests and everyone learns something new. Its back catalog is insane.

The Daily

One for the news junkies. Host Michael Barbaro sorts out the biggest and most interesting news story of the day in an informative, engaging style.

The Greatest Game

Liverpool great Jamie Carragher talks about the week's best football matches. His guests include experts and players and the discussion is always fascinating.

This American Life

Longtime listeners may be familiar with this Pulitzer Award-winning storytelling podcast as a radio show of the same title. This pioneering decades-long radio show - and now podcast - features the amazing and the mundane from around the country.

Baden Bower