DKD drives value and productivity for customers through XOi partnership

XOi expands connection to global field service community while delivering DKD users with industry-leading data-based solutions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — April 22, 2022 — XOi Technologies, a leading provider of technician-focused technology solutions, announces a new collaboration with DKD Agency, a global field service management software company and accredited 5 Star NetSuite Partner for NetSuite customers.

Founded in 2007, DKD holds the prestigious ‘Built for NetSuite‘ certification and authored the NetSuite SuiteApp ‘Field Service for NetSuite,’ which won the Global SuiteApp of 2015 and has since gone on to develop fully Native NetSuite as well as ‘black-box’, ERP independent Field solutions.

The partnership delivers XOi’s advanced data insights and tech-enablement platform to DKD’s global network of more than 100 field service customers.

“XOi’s powerful data-driven technology adds real value for our users, from streamlined communication to game-changing tools for remote support and visual documentation, providing the final and essential in-field Asset and Team management features our customers have been needing for many years now,” says Jack Donaldson of DKD. 

With XOi’s industry-leading convenience and transparency, our customers are equipped to elevate their service and drive increased productivity. XOi integrates intuitively with DKD’s native NetSuite Field and Service solutions, and we are already seeing overwhelming positive response from our users and throughout the NetSuite community.”

XOi’s data-driven cloud-based solution allows techs to utilize, aggregate and analyze critical job data and maximize customer value through industry-leading efficiency, accuracy and accountability. With a full suite of standardized workflows, job documentation capabilities, technician training and enablement solutions, teams can build deep and easily accessible institutional knowledge bases that support real-time decision-making and data-based continuity. Service teams can apply these extensive data-science capabilities to analyze those foundational elements and strategically respond to evolving data trends and forecasts.

Our mission has always been to help contractors manage workflows and maximize service so they can drive revenue and growth,” says Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. 

Field service providers worldwide are facing the same challenges service professionals in the U.S. are experiencing, from labor and supply issues to rising costs. The global service community is looking for accessible solutions to chronic pain points, and this unique partnership with DKD allows us to expand our connections and offer an all-in-one technician-centered technology that contractors need.

About XOi Technologies

XOi Technologies, one of the top workplaces in Nashville, is changing the way residential and commercial field service companies in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries communicate and serve their customers. XOi's all-in-one communication tool seamlessly connects field service technicians, offices, and their customers while enabling on the job photo and video documentation, workflow automation, real-time remote video support and training, and access to an extensive knowledge base of relevant equipment documentation and training content. Through innovative technology, XOi simplifies

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About DKD Agency

DKD Agency is an International Software Publisher headquartered in Australia. Founded in 2007 to address the emerging and unique needs of Cloud Computing and drawing upon 30 years of experience, DKD has since gained extensive international exposure, prestige and service 60+ clients annually in every part of the world, predominantly the US and EU markets, as well as APAC and EMEA

DKD is a producer of robust and powerful SuiteApp’s for the Oracle NetSuite (ONS) platform and hold the prestigious ‘Built for NetSuite‘ certification as well as authoring the NetSuite SuiteApp ‘Field Service for NetSuite’ which was explosively successful, and voted Partner of the Year 2015.

Our holistic approach enables customers to have one key vendor for their Cloud ERP needs with the knowledge and personnel required to deliver excellent results, and the dedication you would expect from your trusted ERP advisor.

DKD specialize in Field Services, Contract and Asset Management, MRP, Wholesale/Distribution, Logistics, Food & Drug Manufacture, Software, RTO & Training and Professional Services.

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