Parc It In My Ferme podcast blends comedy with Formula1

Chris Caldicott has been a devoted F1 fan since 1990. He watches every race and has been to more than a dozen Grands Prix, making him as good an armchair expert as anyone.

But simply being an enthusiast was not enough for Caldicott. He wanted to share the fun and excitement of motorsports with the world, and in his podcast Parc It In My Ferme, Caldicott shares his strong opinions in a hilarious and entertaining way.

Caldicott grew tired of listening to the same style of podcasts over and over, so he created his own. And now there is a Formula1 podcast that is actually interesting and doesn't hold back.

"I was sick and tired of listening to the same old boring stuff," says Caldicott.

"The podcasts were all so dry and uninteresting. I wanted to keep people entertained, not hold back, and talk about every single topic, even the ones that are taboo. Our podcast blends comedy with Formula 1 to entertain and bring joy to as many people around the world as we can."

Caldicott brings everything F1, including news, chats and results. From Crofty's Love Files to the stats of the week, Caldicott has something to entertain and amuse everyone. His shows have soundbites and clips scattered throughout, which he uses to emphasize his opinions.

"This really sets my podcasts apart from those where people just talk for a couple of hours and nothing is edited down," he says. "My podcast is different and unique because the amount of time and effort I put into it is far greater than that of my competitors," he says.

Caldicott loves his listeners and aims to entertain them from start to finish with humor and robust personal opinions.

His work has reached a lot of people and has even helped some get through difficult times.

"I've had many people reach out and personally thank me for getting them through tough times, depression and anxiety. People have told me that they can put on my podcast and leave their troubles and worries behind for an hour."

Making people happy motivates Caldicott to keep creating comedy podcasts for his fans.

"Being able to put a smile on people's faces really is what keeps me going with the show and is the reason I want to expand it and grow it even further," he says.

Baden Bower